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Are you aware of how your emotions affect your health?

I think yes people are becoming more aware of their emotions and their bodies but a lot of people are still switched off. They never think to look at the reason behind all the medication they are taking and are probably suffering some kind of anxiety or depression and most times for years! Most times this is also not their fault its just the path that they are on to try and feel better. My goal is to able to help people see that there is another way out of their suffering. That there is a way out of their pain. We as human being's do not need to suffer anymore! We do not need to numb the pain.

What I believe is happening in many instances is that we are putting a band-aid on a problem and never getting to the root cause. It is not sustainable to keep reapplying band-aids. Eventually the band-aid will wear out and what next? Sow up the wound? Then guess what.. the stitches burst and then what? Sow things up again ?? What would have been different if we got straight to the cause once we noticed signs of distress?

Dr Bruce Lipton makes a great example - Our body is like a car. When something is not functioning right the engine light will come on in the car. If we do not deal with the issues/emotions or decide to medicate ourselves, it is the same as taking out the bulb in the car dash ignoring the warning signal and continuing to drive. What will eventually happen to the car? It will break down. It will not be able to sustain forever. The same will happen with your body!

Kinesiology helps deal with the emotions behind our sickness. Our body is so clever and it has an innate ability to heal itself. It just needs to be helped into a position to do this. Experiencing pain or sickness is our bodies way of telling us something is wrong. At that time its would be a good idea to stop and look at your life. What is going on emotionally? We are multidimensional beings and our mind, body and spirit are all linked. We can not just look at one side of our being. We are also energetic beings.

If you do not believe in energy or that we are energy beings.. lets have a look at science. We are all made up of atoms. Atoms are .0001 % physical and 9.9999% energy.

A quote from Dr Joe Dispenza

"If an atom is 99.99999 % energy and .00001% physical substance, then you are actually more nothing than something! So why do you keep your attention on that small percent of the physical world when you are so much more? Is defining your present reality by what you perceive with your senses the biggest limitation you have?...So to change, you must be greater than all things physical in your life."

Our body is so clever and the more I work with clients and see what is going on physically as well as emotionally it is truely astounding. An example of how some emotional issues show up physically are:

Skin rashes: Can relate to underlying anger. Someone getting under your skin. Suppressed irritation.

Anxiety: Thinking about the past and the future, not trusting the flow of life. Feeling insecure, unsupported and helpless to change your situation. Focusing on limitation and negativity.

Arthritis: Holding onto anger and resentment from the past. Carrying guilt, remorse and shame. Difficulty forgiving yourself and others. Feeling stuck and limited.

Neck pain: To do with control. Is someone controlling you? or are you a control freak. Someone/something literally giving you a pain in the neck.

Hip issues: in relation to moving forward in life. Are you feeling stuck? Are you confused about the next step forward.

Left side of the body relates to female energy.

Right side of the body relates to male energy.

I hope this gave you some awareness into how your emotions affect your health. If you want to bring your body back into balance then please get in touch to book a private session. I would love to help out.

Back to health package- 3 x sessions of Kinesiology for $350 saving $40 (1 x 1.5hr and 2x 1hr sessions )

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Much love,

Andrea xo

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