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Spiral Stairs

What is 

Spiral healing?

What is the spiral?

The Spiral™ is a 7-stage emotional clearing journey that is designed to remove emotional and energetic blocks, allowing you to become more aligned to your true authentic self.

The Spiral™ is a process of liberation. It is a process of liberation that moves you through your seven power centres that move through your body and aligned to the chakra system. So the Hindu Chakra system and the Spiral Dynamics which relates to the evolution of consciousness and the scale of consciousness. This is a synthesis of wisdom systems, including kinesiology and LP scale of consciousness, and all of these different threads coming together that, that Dane Thomas, the creator of The Spiral™ synthesised into this powerful modality and method. 

How does it work?

The Spiral combines frameworks from Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkins ‘Scale of Consciousness’, and the Chakra system, to identify and release emotional baggage that may be holding you back and preventing you from living to your full potential.

Practitioners use the muscle-testing tool (from kinesiology) during the process, and work through the following themes:

Releasing shame and guilt Increasing self worth.

Releasing fear and grief increasing proactivity.

Releasing anger. Increasing self confidence.

Releasing wounds of the heart. Increasing love.

Releasing low self esteem and anxiety.
Releasing old views. Increasing clarity.
Aligning to your stillness and divinity.

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The History

The Spiral School began in 2012 when Dane Tomas successfully combined the best elements of NLP, Coaching, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Chakra System, Spiral Dynamics and Shadow work into a cutting edge system for accelerating human awakening and releasing self sabotage.

In 2014 Dane met Zapheria Bell who convinced him that the work needed to reach people all over the world. Since then thousands of people have gone through The Spiral and practitioners are changing lives all over the world. Dane and Zapheria trained and developed this work for the next 7 years, until they graduated the Spiral themselves!

The Spiral™ is a process that can liberate the track, energy and release it so that you can kind of get into action. And a lot of people go through a spiral and find that they release more. Self-expression, they're more confident. They feel more powerful. The mind chatter of insecurities dies down and they can start to really go after what they want. Does that explain it?

 Benefits of Spiral 

Spiral has a significant impact on a wide range of emotional and well-being issues. The spiral  can help you:

  • Get aligned with your true authethic self

  • Find your purpose and direction

  • Boost your self worth

  • Claim self love

  • Release blocks to love

  • Enhance your relationships

  • Excel in your business 

  • Release money blocks and negative money stories.

  • Empower your wants and desires

  • Help overcome fears and phobias

Whats included?


The Spiral package consists of 8 personal sessions. 

Each week we will go through one of the 7 main chakra systems clearing & releasing emotional blocks for that level. At the end of each session, Sontaan will provide you with personalised activities/ homework to aid in the body, mind, spirit integration.

Sessions generally run for 1.5hrs depending on each individual & your personal needs. 

In these 1:1 sessions, Sontaan will create a safe, comfortable & completely confidential environment, enabling you to get the most out of each session & empowering you to live your life to the fullest.

About Sontaan

It is Sontaan’s belief we are all here to be our unique selves, shine our individual light & live our most beautiful life.


Since becoming a Spiral practitioner in 2019, She has been able to help others connect to their true vibrant soul & witness the life changing effects this energy work has to offer.

In Sontaans sessions she uses the art of muscle testing to tune into your body and energetic system catering the session to your own personal needs, find & release any stored emotions & pinpoint internal patterning and programming that may be stopping you from living your best life. 

Through her own transformational work of deep healings & training in The Spiral, emotional clearing, yoga & KaHuna massage, She has personally gained a greater understanding of powerful soul work & been able to release her own past emotional baggage, childhood trauma & deep rooted fear with love and understanding. 

Sontaan is so grateful to be able to provide that for her clients in a supported, safe and judgement free environment.

Recommended offer

Yoga at Home

Spiral package

This spiral pack is designed to help you incorporate positive change into your ongoing routine. Throughout the sessions you will receive some homework and follow up tasks, and a customised set of tools so you can continue with your healing process moving forward. 

  • 8 x prepaid  90 min sessions:

  • 1 x light therapy session

  • 1 x 90 min integrative massage



"Sontaan is extraordinary. She is so tuned in & open to her work allowing everything to flow & shift. It was immediately tangible the changes I experienced emotionally, physically & spiritually. She released energetic hooks freeing space for my own energy again, which felt liberating & empowering. She released enormous blocks from my past patterns that were holding me in unhelpful beliefs & behaviours giving me new capacities for growth & love. I wholeheartedly, literally with all my heart, recommend Sontaan as a very gifted healer!" Josephine

Sontaan creates the most comfortable & loving space for you to safely open up into deep vulnerability & self exploration. During a session, you will be transported by her nurturing voice inward, guided towards parts of yourself previously unexamined. I felt a deep sense of intuition & wisdom continuously pour from Sontaan. With each discovery she led me to, it’s as if she was connected to a higher power. The seeds that we planted during our sessions will grow for many years to come. “



Q. Am I able to get a payment plan?

Yes. Payment plans are available and can be tailored to most situations.
In order to set one up we need a credit card or debit card that can be setup with an auto payment. Payment plans will attract a 10% surcharge to cover administrative costs. Your Spiral journey will commence once the final payment has been received. 

Q. Is it suitable for me?

The Spiral is for you if you’re ready to take full responsibility for yourself and for your reality. It is for you if you’re ready to take your life, awareness and personal transformation to the next level.

It’s for you if you’re ready to let go of all the old stories of why and what caused you to be where you are and who’s to blame. And ready to start deciding who you want to be and how you want to show up in life. You have to be willing to go deep, feel the feelings and commit to change – this is where the true treasure of transformation resides.

It’s for you if you feel like no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to achieve results in areas of your life and don’t know why.

It’s for your if you’re ready to clear your shit and step into the life you desire, deserve & CHOOSE.

Q. What does muscle-testing involve?

We use muscle testing /bio-feedback system which detects various forms of stress from the central nervous system. 

The muscle responds by either staying strong or weakening. The test relates to energy flow, rather than to the strength of the muscle.

Q. How do I book?

Are you ready for this journey together?

Then apply here now!

Given the nature of this work, this 8-wk The Ultimate Breakthrough Journey/ The Spiral™ is only for those, who are really ready to face their stuff, who have extensively worked on themselves already and know how to take responsibility for their own experiences.

It's only for those, who have already done lots of work on themselves, but who are finding that there is still stuff holding them back or keeping them limited, stuck or not fully unleashing their full potential.

If you are thinking "That's me! I'm so so ready to thrive and step out there!!", then book in for a complimentary discovery call now to see where you’re at and if we are a good fit! 

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