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Sun, 19 Jan


Soul Flow

rest and reset with Andrea at kaizen

reset your mind, body and emotions after the bushfires while helping those in need

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rest and reset with Andrea at kaizen
rest and reset with Andrea at kaizen

Time & Location

19 Jan 2020, 12:00 pm – 2:20 pm

Soul Flow, 12/51-53 Spring St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia

About The Event

Following the trauma of the bushfires I wanted to create something to help those in need. Recently I have been seeing clients who have been affected by the fires and many are experiencing acute stress response. This Sunday I am hosting a rest & reset workshop that will include a mix of kinesiology, breath, and meditation to help the body rest & reset. 100% of the profits will be donated to The Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation (WIRES), who rescue and care for the animal victims of the fires and drought.

This workshop is for those experiencing stress from the fires and the smoke. There has been a lot of grief and stress held within our bodies. When we experience stress our bodies go into fight-or-flight response. The fight-or-flight response is also known as the acute stress response, refers to a physiological reaction that occurs in the presence of something that is terrifying, either mentally or physically. The response is triggered by the release of hormones that prepare your body to either stay and deal with a threat or to run away to safety. The term ‘fight-or-flight’ represents the choices that our ancient ancestors had when faced with danger in their environment. They could either fight or flee. In either case, the physiological and psychological response to stress prepares the body to react to the danger. 

When the sympathetic nervous system enacts the flight-or-fight response, a host of physical changes happen. Epinephrine (adrenaline) begins pumping through the body. The heart and breath rates are accelerated, digestion slows or stops altogether, blood vessels constrict and muscles tense in preparation to fight or flee. The Vagus Nerve and parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for bringing the body back to homeostasis. After periods of stress and anxiety, this "calm" state is brought about by releasing a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

The sympathetic nervous system functions like a gas pedal in a car. It triggers the fight-or-flight response, providing the body with a burst of energy so that it can respond to perceived dangers. The parasympathetic nervous system acts like a brake. It promotes the "rest and digest" response that calms the body down after the danger has passed.

This workshop will include a mix of kinesiology, breath, and meditation to get the body out of flight-or-flight mode and back into the parasympathiec nervous system (rest & reset). It will be focused to help release the stress and relax the body so it can start to restore. We can help as a collective by raising our consciousness, raising our energy collectively. When we raise up so does mother nature. If we treat ourselves with love we also treat mother earth with love, as we are one. Let’s focus on what is important in this time and that is to send the energy of love to mother earth. Let’s help to raise from fear to love. Step by step we can create change.

I hope you can join us.

Tickets $55   

100% profits donated to the

Love and light,

Andrea and kaizen team x 


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