Come and take time out for yourself and not only rejuvenate the skin, rejuvenate the mind and body.  


Adrenal boost facial
90 mins 
To help with: Stress, anxiety, fatigue, impaired immune system, busy mind, tension

Living a busy lifestyle puts stress on our body and can lead to adrenal fatigue. When we reach this point we can feel very fatigued, drained and can't seem to get our energy back. Our body runs on overdrive- fuelled by spiking levels of cortisol. We hit highs and lows, crave the wrong foods and continue the downward spiral to burnout. So lets take time out to help the body heal itself. Lay down and completely immerse yourself in 1.5 hrs of indulgence. Have the skin looked after with the added bonus of Kinesiology techniques to relax and reboot the nervous system. You will leave feeling lighter, energised, relaxed and happy. All with glowing skin! 


Double Cleanse


Massage with de stress essential oil blend

Pepetide facial mask

Hand and arm massage

Chest and shoulder massage

Antioxidant mist and moisturiser

Specialised Kinesiology techniques 

  1.5 hours


"I had not tried Kinesiology before so I decided to try the Kinesifacial. I escaped my busy world to complete serenity. It helped with my anxiety, I left feeling super relaxed"


Ree Gough


To help with: Stress, anxiety, emotional blocks. physical pain, toxicity


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique, used to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the whole body.

Reiki uses ‘universal energy’ that radiates from the hands of the practitioner and flows through your body to assist with clearing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages. Reiki also activates your own innate natural healing process.

Rei ~ meaning higher intelligence or spiritual wisdom and Ki ~ meaning life force energy.

Aromatherapy ~ is the use of essential oils, these support the wellness and healing for the body, mind and spirit.

An Reiki facial is a luxurious treatment that will help balance, clear and purify your body, mind and spirit on every level.

Reiki helps to

Relive stress and anxiety

Release emotional and energetic blocks

Assist with healing of the physical body (injury, illness)

Assist with balancing out your energetic body (aura, chakras)

Accelerate body’s self healing abilities

Improves sleep

Relieves pain

Increase vitality and energy over all

Assist with spiritual growth and emotional clearing

Assists body with detoxifying

60 min treatment 

Reiki 5 min to begin

Double Cleanse



Reiki 1/2 hours




90 min treatment

Reiki 15 min to begin

Double Cleanse 


Anti-oxidant mask

Reiki 45 min