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Kinesiology for kids

Kinesiology is a great treatment for Kids. Kinesiology is completely natural and works with the body’s own innate knowledge of what it needs to heal itself. It’s a drug free solution to helping your children becoming the best version of themselves that they can be. Where they can let their own unique light shine and they are proud of who they are.

Food sensitivities or feeling  constantly tired?

Are you finding it a challenge to choose the correct foods for your child? Or are there certain foods you think there may be sensitivities to. Is your kid always tired? Kinesiology can take the guess work out of this and help them gain back their natural vitality


or difficulty sleeping

Is your kid being bullied at school? Have you found that your once happy child is now withdrawn and not communicating with you? Do you feel helpless when all you really want to do is help and protect them?  Is this affecting their sleep. Or have they always had sleep issues. Kinesiology can help. 

struggling to concentrate? 

Dyslexia or ADHD and difficulty concentrating can be related to brain integration or nutrient deficiency. We can muscle test to body to find out why. Make learning easier for your child without the need to medicate. 

Behavioural problems or being "too sensitive" 

Does your child find it difficult to interact with the others kids? Are they too sensitive and feeling hurt by the other kids. Are they new to school? Let us help your child to gain back their confidence and thrive in all surroundings feeling safe and supported.  


Using muscle testing I can determine current stress in your child’s life.  Imagine being able to ask your child what it is that is really upsetting them about being at school, or why they have a sore tummy all the time. Using muscle testing I will be able to pinpoint exact times of stress and release emotions and confusion from your child’s system, enabling your child to express their abundant energy and happy self.

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