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Infrared Sauna

Introductory offer 3 x 45 min sessions    $99.00

Benefits for your health

  1. Sweat releases heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive particles and other toxins

  2. Improves circulation

  3. Enhances immune system

  4. Relieves internal congestion

  5. Gives the body the effect of gentle exercise without the exertion

  6. Relaxes tight muscles

  7. Cleanses the skin

  8. Heals infections

  9. Improves alkalinity of your system

  10. Improves your DNA

  11. Decreases swelling in the body

  12. Normalises enzymatic function

  13. Assists weight loss programs

  14. Fights aging by boosting the metabolism and releasing toxins

  15. Reduces stress by inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight system)

  16. Balances the autonomic nervous system to enhance parasympathetic activity (rest and digest), which is essential for healing

Image by Jon Ly

The Sunlighten difference


  • 3-technologies-in-1® Infrared Heat: Sunlighten 3-technologies-in-1® heaters are comprised of 3 individual heaters, each of the heaters are controlled via the Android Touchscreen. It is necessary to have 3 individual heater panels in order to provide 3 individual wavelengths - near, mid and far. This follows the law of physics.

  • Sunlighten research has found that it is a combination of particular infrared wavelengths that provide precise outcomes, not all three working all the time. Hence, the Android touchscreen has been programmed to control the heaters in line with the pre-set wellness programs available in all mPulse saunas.

  • The mPulse is the world’s only 3-technologies-in-1® infrared sauna that can be customised to your personal needs. Proven 99% effective across all wavelengths for optimal wellness outcomes - View Study

  • Advanced LEDs provide true near infrared at a consistent output. High power infrared across near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared wavelengths - a prime indicator of heater quality.

  • Emissive coating produces more infrared per square inch over any other heater on the market 

*bring a friend for $10 extra

* We have an outside shower so please bring your swim suit and thongs if you wish to shower off. 

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72 William Street, Paddington 2021

Tel: 02 9331 3395

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