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Andrea O'Shea 


The Kaizen Wood Element Retreat February 25th-28th 2022 


Our Wood element retreat is one of a series of five retreats based on the five elements which are (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water)


Based on traditional Chinese medicine the law of the five elements show us how the structures and systems in our bodies are connected to each other, how we are connected to our environment and the natural world and how our world is part of the greater universe. Many people today have lost this deep connection to nature and no longer are able to feel this truth resonate in their being. The Universal principle of connection still exists nonetheless.

In this Wood element retreat we will take you on a journey to clear all wood element imbalances. Wood is associated with the colour green in TCM. It represents growth and expansion. It’s also associated with a windy climate.

Organs:  Gall Bladder and Liver

Season: Spring


According to traditional Chinese medicine, the Liver is the organ that is most affected by excess stress or emotions. Feel it, express it, but don’t hold it!

Do you get chronic headaches or dry eyes? 

Are you often irritable?

Have you been needing an emotional cleanse? 

Do you get bad PMS or irregular periods?

Have you been procrastinating?

Are you feeling stuck in context of your career path?

Do you have digestive issues? 

Join us if you are ready to birth into a new phase in your life, leaving toxicity and stagnation behind.

The essence of the Wood element is all about TRANSFORMATION and BIRTH. It is about implementing boundaries and asserting ourselves (in a non reactive way). It is about creating structure to have growth in your life. It is about allowing yourself to have spring phase in your life.  It is about releasing toxic emotions, thoughts or behaviours that are blocking your connection to your soul self. Once connected more to your true self you can have clarity and move towards creating that which you desire.


When the wood element within our bodies is balanced we become natural leaders, our mind finds stillness and we are in a better position to make better judgment. We have a more flexible approach in life. We can easily move towards what we desire.


Join us on a life changing and inspiring weekend.


Everyday life has a funny way of getting in the way of what’s really important to us. Rarely do we get the chance to unwind and provide our bodies and minds with the love and care it needs.

Three days of Kinesiology, NLP, yoga and process work is all you need to relax, rejuvenate and get back in touch with yourself.


"Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause. Stand firm, grip hard, thrust upward, bend to the winds of heaven, and learn tranquility"


The team at Kaizen are excited to invite you to our transformative wood element retreat. Leave your everyday stresses and worries behind as you fully immerse yourself into a weekend of self-exploration and complete renewal.

With daily yoga and healing sessions to release stagnant emotions and Kinesiology healing to shift your energy blocks, this 3-day intensive retreat will leave you feeling like a brand new you!

Kaizen Skin Body Being

Kaizen Skin Body Being

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Join kinesiologist, Andrea O'Shea, on a transformative

three-day, three night retreat in Beautiful Kangaroo Valley located in new south wales. 


If you are ready to embrace new beginnings and change

If you want to become attuned to your life plan, purpose and direction

If you want stillness within your centre

Only 10 spots are available. Don't miss out. 


At the Kaizen Wood element Retreat
February 2022

You will...

Learn the law of the five elements, more specifically the Wood element.  This includes the Liver and Gallbladder meridians and their associated organs and systems. You will learn the functions and what they affect in the body and mind
Learn about the neurology of the brain and how you can get stuck in rigidity. You will learn specific tools to release this. 
Learn balanced and unbalanced characteristics of the wood element.  Deep process work to clear any of these negative states. 
Body psychotherapy exercises to get energy streaming through the body. Releasing rigid and overtight muscles. 
Kinesiology Process work to find out where you are stuck in context of your life purpose and goals.  Finding out what is needed to propel you forward. 
Yin yoga and yoga nidra to help connect you to your true essence releasing the rigid construct of the mind held in the body.
Plant seeds and nurture that which you want to give life to 
Specific goal setting for your future plans.
Three nights accommodation at the beautiful Retreat Centre.
Delicious vegetarian meals and cooking demos 
The option to add on a massage or facial.


"Having never been to r retreat before 

I didn't have any expectations of the weekend. Sitting here the last half hour I am blown away at how expanded and heart-full I feel. We had the most amazing workshop session that really opened our heart space an gave us the opportunity to heal and learn, 

whilst being supported by a loving group .Thank you thank you!"



This TRANSFORMATIVE  RETREAT is three days of teaching, learning activities, group exercises and  workshops. All carefully designed to bring you back into the flow state in your life. Its time to release rigid states (ego states)  to allow in the flow states (being)...

"It takes a special person to help you achieve 100% true happiness. That's how i felt walking away from Kaizen  retreat, truely internally happy: I would recommed anyone who needs a 'pick me up' regardless of your circumstances to go see Andrea or attend a retreat. Since returning i have been promoted, fixed broken relationships and felt relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time.
Do yourself a favour and invest in your happiness, go and see Andrea" 


Testimonial Kirston Miles 



"Andrea is the most genuine soul I have even met. Her ability to heal and push you to a place of healing is beyond anything/anyone I have received in the past. I would recommend to see Andrea to find your true self and experience her healing energy and beautiful touch. Thank you for all that you do Andrea"


Testimonial Anneka N 



Image by Oksana Taran

You will experience



Nutritious food

Nature Walks

 Healthy Fruit Salad

Balanced states of the wood element 
A healthy wood element creates a person who is sure of himself and can speak up for his/her needs, but also who knows when to relax his urge of control​ and go with the flow. With stable and appropriate moods, the healthy wood person reacts with steadiness when problems arise. He decides what needs to be done, plans accordingly and puts his plans into action. 
Wood element is the phase in which new lives take form and BECOME something, like a sprout that draws wind, water and light into a coherent stem. 


Follow up workshop

Shenko five element facial oil


Private Facebook Group 

  • Facebook

Attendees will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can connect with other attendees. This in an exclusive portal where you can share your wins and breakthroughs, ask questions and create community. 

A complimentary 30 min group zoom 

A post-retreat follow-up workshop  with Andrea O'Shea

Retreat manual and meditation teachings.

The Bonuses total over $710 in Value  

Detailed manuals



Your retreat leader is a qualified Kinesiologist, Kinesiology teacher ,bodywork practitioner, NLP coach, creating your future coach, timeline therapist who has spent many years learning and implementing the best strategies for living a more positive life and clearing out that unconscious ‘junk’ that has been holding you back from greatness. Andrea is constantly investing in her own personal development and at this retreat, she will take you on a journey within to connect fully to yourself.

At her Paddington clinic, Andrea loves working one-on-one with her clients to help them release pain, trauma, tension and stress in their own bodies. She has helped many clients move from unfulfilling jobs,  into launching and building successful businesses. She has helped many with self worth, helping them achieve thier life goals, finding love as well as building their health and wealth.


Andrea loves seeing her clients move to their fullest potential.

Since finishing her Kinesiology studies she has opened a successful wellness clinic in Paddington, she has launched a succesful skincare brand and now teaches Touch for Health kinesiology. 

To help her clients further, she has carefully designed this wonderful three day immersive program to help you go even deeper. So you can connect in a group and liberate yourself!

It is time to let your true essence shine bright!!


$500 non- refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.