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Are you ready to achieve your full potential?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Do you feel like it is a challenge to access your full potential? Does life feel like a struggle? Feeling like you just can't get on top of it?

This can be in relation to health, fitness, business or relationships. Are you wanting to gain fulfilment in these areas but tend to find obstacles in the way? One of the reasons you are experiencing these challenges may be your subconscious mind. Looking at the picture above gives us a clear indication of the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 90% more powerful than the conscious mind.

What is the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is like a tape recorder it will only reproduce what has been put on its tapes.

Remember when you were learning to drive? There was a lot of concentration needed when you first learned but with a lot of practice you became good at it. You became more confident and even drove a bit faster. The conscious mind taught you how and then when you knew how to drive it became automatic. At that point the subconscious took over and you no longer had to think how to drive. From that time forward every time you drive your car you do so subconsciously. That tape is playing. s

How does this affect my life?

This has a massive affect on our lives. If we want to consciously achieve something and the subconscious is not in alignment, then we will have challenges to achieve this goal. It makes it very difficult as the subconscious is what holds our belief patterns. We get these belief patterns from our past and from our environment.


Paul always found it hard to get a well paying job where he was happy . He attracted nasty bosses and low pay rates. Paul had enough and said to himself "thats it I'm getting a new job". Paul gets a new job and to his disappointment he has attracted nearly the exact same situation. This has been pattern his whole working life so then Paul believes that this is all he is worth and that all bosses are nasty. Do you think this is reality? NO!

Paul probably has a subconscious belief that he is not worthy or that he is not good enough. Hence he attracts these low paying jobs. Paul may also have a subconscious belief that he is abhorrent so therefore he is giving out this message on a subconscious level and so people are nasty to him.

The same can happen in many other instances . Another big one is people who have belief systems about money. They may have seen that it caused problems in their childhood growing up so therefore subconsciously they believe money is evil/bad. How this will play out in their lives is that they find it hard to save or money doesn't flow into their lives with ease.

Another may be in relationships. People attracting the wrong partners. Subconsciously they can believe that they are disgusting or they are not worthy.

The good news is we can clear these subconscious beliefs. WOOO HOO! This is where the magic happens and you can turn around your life for the good.

Kinesiology is so powerful as this is exactly what we are accessing, the subconscious mind. We find out what beliefs are in place, then there are several different correction techniques to get your mind into alignment to achieve that goal. Thats when you start living your full life potential.

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