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Chelated Zinc

Chelated Zinc


Key Benefits

  • Important for healthy skin, connective tissue and normal prostate function
  • Proven ability to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms


  • Supports vision & prostate health
  • Keeps your metabolism working at its best
  • Zinc has been shown to improve memory and attention span in children
  • Chelated for increased absorption, and gentle on your digestive system
  • Detailed information

    In addition to its proven ability to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms, zinc supports healthy reproduction and energy metabolism, normal prostate function, and the healing of wounds. NeoLife provides high- purity and high-potency zinc, plus natural amino acid chelation for improved absorption.

    Why Zinc?

     In scientic studies, zinc supplements reduced the duration of cold symptoms by an average of three days, and also reduced the severity of symptoms, including cough, headache, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing.

    Zinc is essential for normal growth and development of reproductive organs, and normal prostate function.

    Zinc is important in wound healing, and has been proven effective in helping to speed the healing of ulcers.

    Zinc is involved in the absorption and activity of B-complex vitamins, and is a component of insulin and 25 enzymes related to digestion. All of these factors contribute to normal metabolism of carbohydrates.

     Zinc is involved in the production of proteins as well as DNA and RNA, nucleic acids which encode our genetic information.

    Zinc is required for normal skin, bones, and hair.

    Zinc is required in respiration for the proper transfer of carbon dioxide, a waste product, in red blood cells

    Zinc is necessary for normal appetite and the ability to taste accurately.

    Because the best food sources of zinc are meat and seafood, vegetarian or low-meat diets may provide less than the 12.5 mg of zinc required daily for optimal health.

    Why NeoLife Chelated Zinc?

    Highest potency and purity - our pharmaceutical- grade zinc base provides both high purity and high potency.

    Chelated for improved absorption - In our unique chelation process, zinc is reacted with the amino acid methionine, a process proven to improve zinc absorption in the body. This is particularly important since only 10-20% of dietary zinc is normally absorbed.

    “In scientific studies, zinc supplements reduced the duration of cold symptoms by an average of three days.”

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