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Relax and reset gift box

Relax and reset gift box

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A box with some of our favourites. 


Aspect - Purstat cleanser - brightening and exfoliating. 


Antioxidant protection
Gently Exfoliating



Shenko organics fire element oil ~ This oil contains a blend of organic base oils, organic essential oil, and flower and crystal essences for



Brings a sense of joy

Brings more passion and creativity

Uplifts the spirit



Helps regulate the circulation within the skin

Supports even skin tone

Moisturising and hydrating



The fire element reflects the energy of the manifestors as they bring passion and flair to what they do. These people are often joyful, have a natural sense of pleasure and are the life of the party. They are enthusiastic, great communicators, charismatic, optimistic, tender, devoted, creative, and very much alert. When this energy is flowing it provides the strength for forward motion to help bring ideas and projects into culmination. When out of balance, Fire people 'burn out, become scattered , loose focus and this can lead to anxiety. In excess, they can become erratic and overly sensitive.Health problems are normally related to anxiety


​Application: Apply 2-6 drops to the face with love resonating with your affirmation


Rose quartz Quasha
Gua sha is comprised of two Chinese words: gua, meaning to rub or scrape, and sha, referring to a type of stagnant energy that causes excess heat to build within the body. These palm-sized implements are traditionally crafted from jade, but now come in different crystal options such as rose quartz. According to theories in traditional Chinese medicine, the act of rubbing a gua sha tool against the skin brings heat and stagnation to the surface of the skin, allowing it be released. Rose Quartz Gua Sha infuses crystal healing properties to enhance this practice.


Benefits of rose quartz:

The ultimate stone for promoting self-love

Opens the heart chakra to give and receive love in all forms

Raises self-esteem and self-worth

Stimulates sensual imagination

Provides emotional support and healing

Dissolves worries, fears, and resentments

Provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment to invite inner peace and contentment

Increases feelings of comfort and nurture

Inspires a love of beauty and appreciation for nature

Assists in restful sleep


Benefits of Gua Sha:

Stimulates the immune system

Reduces inflammation

Increase blood circulation

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Lift and contour skin

Reduce undereye circles

Relieve tension and reduce puffiness
Manual lymphatic drainage

Rose Quartz Gua Sha100% Pure Rose Quartz Crystal


Elektra magnesium citrus cream 

  • Natural (chem-free) skin care, hydration, protection and anti-itch cream
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Calming massage to relieve stress
  • Relief of leg cramps, period cramps and tight muscles/joints 
  • Gentle enough for babies and children
  • Before and after sun skin care
  • Can replace tablet magnesium supplement if 2 or more teaspoons applied per day
  • Can replace other body moisturizer
  • More effective and great value for money
  • Superior absorption compared to magnesium tablets
  • Natural and effective underarm deodorant


Kaizen calm tea ~ organinc chamomile and lavender 

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