Andrea O'Shea 


The Kaizen Heart Opening   Retreat 2018 

June 29-1st July 2018, Palmdale, NSW 

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Do you need to clear out old negative energy, people and emotions?  

 Are you attracting the same relationships? Ones that are not serving you 

Is it time to get your relationships and career on track? 

Have you been needing an emotional cleanse? 



Shed old layers and move forward to a new energetic form of YOU. 

Boost all systems of the body to become stronger

 physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Claim your heart space and the life you deserve

Join kinesiologist, Andrea O'Shea, on a transformative

three-day retreat tucked away in the

verdant healing bushland in new south wales. 

Only 15 spots are available. Don't miss out. 


"Heart Happiness extends from every cell in your body to every part of the universe"
"Heart happiness transforms and transcends all other states of being"

Join us on a life changing and inspiring weekend 

Keeping in line with the Kaizen 
philosophy we want to facilitate change and support you to continually improve yourself. We are  combining the power of Kinesiology, body psychotherapy, Yoga and aromatherapy. These are all very transformative practices helping you shift through emotional blocks and rewire pathways in the brain.


The use of aromatherapy helps us to connect with the limbic system of the  brain  helping to shift moods and feelings. Used in conjunction with one another you will be taken on a transformational  journey from beginning to end. 

 Many people are doing the right thing with their bodies: yoga, exercise, eating clean etc... Yet, they still experience anxiety, illness, stress, abusive relationships and financial problems, to name a few 'dis-eases'. This is because despite the physical care, they are carrying self -sabotage programming, excess chronic stress, negative emotions and limiting beliefs which are stored in the unconscious mind.

But, a retreat helps you get away from the head and into the body and heart space for all of this ‘junk’ to be released once and for all.

This retreat is focused on opening the heart. Once our heart space is open to receiving we attract more happiness and prosperity into our lives on many levels.  As we go through life we experience its ups and downs. Sometimes we are heart broken because someone we loved dearly is not with us anymore. We may  have been hurt numerous times in relationships, been bullied or developed a negative outlook on love and life because of what we have seen from a young age. This reflects in all aspects of our lives and feel there is no where left to go. We completely shut off our heart to prevent further pain. However this will eventually show up negatively in our lives.  We will work at a very deep level so you can really connect with your true self all within a safe and trustworthy environment.

Combining the skills of Kinesiology, body psychotherapy aromatherapy,
 and healing Andrea O'Shea and her team will take you on a
rejuvenating journey of body, mind and soul.


The Kaizen Happy Heart retreat is
designed to support you in coming fully into your heart space. The result is the reprogramming of your subconscious mind, replacing old memory pockets with new constructive ones. You leave
feeling lighter, happier  and more connected with yourself. 

At the Kaizen Heart Opening Retreat

June 2018

You will: 

Work at a very deep level to really connect with your true self all within a safe and trustworthy environment.  

Clear deeply rooted emotional blocks that have held you back in your career, business and relationships.

Clear out old, stagnant energy and emotions that are chipping away at your potential and quality of life. Free

yourself from that negative crap, raise your vibration and the quality of your life exponentially improves..

You will be transformed.


You will experience having more energy because your energy fields (chi', 'prana' and life force) and your chakras will have opened up.

Experience powerful group process work to clear out the emotional junk. Truely loving the essence of you. Once we fully embrace that that is when we attract positive people and situations into our lives. To manifest a new relationship, or improve on an existing one, improve the relationship with yourself

or improve your finances.    

Your desires are easily manifested once you are clear in your energy and open your heart. 

"It takes a special person to help you achieve 100% true happiness. That's how i felt walking away from Kaizen  retreat, truely internally happy: I would recommed anyone who needs a 'pick me up' regardless of your circumstances to go see Andrea or attend a retreat. Since returning i have been promoted, fixed broken relationships and felt relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time.
Do yourself a favour and invest in your happiness, go and see Andrea" 


Testimonial Kirston Miles 



This TRANSFORMATIVE  RETREAT is three days of teaching, learning activities, group exercises and mini workshops. All carefully designed to bring you it your heart space

The RETREAT PACKAGE includes: 

Powerful meditations to rewire the neurology of the brain to form a new positive you
Class on muscle testing and Emotional freedom technique/ EFT. You will be empowered to clear your emotional sabotages that are holding you back in all aspects of your life. 
Body psychotherapy exercises to get energy streaming. We will move energy from your head into your heart.  
Contellations to find out where you are stuck and what is needed to propel you forward 
Yin yoga and yoga nidra to help integrate the heart healing on a physical level
Two nights three days nights accommodation at the beautiful Retreat Centre 
Delicious,  plant-based meals 
Aromatic Kinesiology
Powerful group work to open up your heart space. 






Three Infared Sauna Sessions 


Group Process Workshop

Private Facebook Group 

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A complimentary group process  workshop

Attendees will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can connect with other attendees. This in an exclusive portal where you can share your wins and breakthroughs, ask questions and create community. 

A post-retreat follow-up workshop  with Andrea O'Shea

The Bonuses total over $710 in Value  


Your retreat leader is a qualified Kinesiologist, bodywork practitioner, skin therapist, of who has spent many years learning and implementing the best strategies for living a more positive life, and clearing out that unconscious ‘junk’ that has been holding you back from greatness more than you think to believe. Andrea is constantly investing in her own personal development; and at this retreat, she will share with you the essentials with you.

At her Paddington clinic, Andrea loves working one-on-one with her clients to help them release pain, trauma, tension and stress in their own bodies. Using a combination of muscle testing, Chinese accupuncture, and nutrition, allows Andrea to work a deeper level to help people shift out of negative thought patterns and self sabotage programs that might be holding them back.


She loves seeing the dramatic transformation in clients after a few sessions. 

To help her clients further, she has carefully designed this wonderful three day immersive program to help you to start seeing the true beauty of you!

It is time to let your true essence shine bright!!


$1290 pp 

Suitable for one person. 

*limited number left


$1190 pp 

Twin room- two single beds- ensuite


$1090 pp 

Single bed in shared room. 


$300 deposit is required to secure your spot. 

Payment plans are available.