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Increases our ability to see the positive & optimistic side of all situations. Helps us to feel the boundless potential of each new dawn that breaks, the magic of recreating our life the way we would prefer it to be, in alignment with our Soul's deepest wishes, and the awareness that we have what it takes to achieve this now.

Choose this: if you're feeling unsure of your abilities to create your Soul's goals & dreams, if you're feeling defeated or negative, the 'things just never work out for me' mindset. 


Optimism, boundless potential, faith & trust in your abilities to achieve your Soul's deepest calling, your goals & dreams, seeing the glass as always half full, able to find the possibility of what may manifest. 


Negative thinking, glass half empty, self doubt & criticism, things just don't work out for me beliefs, catastrophizing & defeated by rules, restrictions & limitations. 

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