“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

- George Bernard Shaw

At Kaizen we help you implement 

positive change in your life.



 I started seeing Andrea about 3 months ago. I didn’t really know what Kinesiology was, I knew it involved muscle testing, but I didn’t know the depth of it. I had no idea that it could get so deep into my past, body imbalances & stresses. The first session with Andrea blew my mind. Andrea was so warm, kind, supportive, professional and extremely experienced with her practice. She picked up many imbalances in my body - some which I was aware of some that I was not. The sessions have been so moving! After each, I have felt lighter, clearer and more focused and can’t wait for my next session. I am so grateful to have met Andrea as over the last few months I have noticed I am finally taking steps with my life - personal and work life – that I have felt blocked to do in the past. I feel a lot more empowered, focused and in flow! Thank you for your amazing treatments and support Andrea, we are so lucky to have you doing what you do!


Sydney, N.S.W

 have been seeing  beautiful  Andrea for a while now for my own healing she has worked magic on me which then brought me to my daughter. It felt selfish to not have my seven year old experience the healing powers of kinesiology with Andrea. My daughter is a healthy, emotional grounded and intelligent child but at times she can find it difficult to find a sense of emotional regulation in social settings particularly at school.

After just one visit with Andrea, my daughter explained to me that she was feeling “super light and joyful” she spent the entire day singing randomly and I could feel her energy was high.

At school she has found her feet socially and has a new sense of resilience.

I have never felt more at peace in my heart than when I saw the direct results of Andrea’s healing hands. Love her energy, passion, compassion and her sense of care toward her clients. I feel extremely blessed to know such a gem. Highly recommend Andrea for your entire family. You will walk away uplifted with a new sense of inner peace.



Sydney, N.S.W

It takes a special person to help you achieve 100% true happiness. That's how i felt walking away from Kaizen detox retreat, truely internally happy.
I would recommed anyone who needs a 'pick me up' regardless of your circumstances to go see Andrea or attend the detox retreat. Since returning i have been promoted, fixed broken relationships and felt relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time.
Do yourself a favour and invest in your happiness, go and see Andrea



Sydney, N.S.W

​Despite having engaged in 11 years of personal development and mindset work in healing my super traumatic start in life; in October 2017 I realised I needed some help in getting inside my body, and out of my head. I no longer enjoyed my work/business that I've had for 11 years, where extreme stress consumed me, even having a screaming/anxiety attack five months prior. This is where kinesiology with Andrea at Kaizen in Paddington really worked wonders. Fast forward a couple of months, and after only needing two private kinesiology sessions with her; my stress has completely disappeared, where I now love my business again; and even better I have attracted quality clients (no assholes) who I enjoy working with; and (funnily enough) my hours have reduced where I now only work part-time, plus I am earning more. I've even received two job offers that just came to me out of the blue, of which I politely turned down, because I know where I'm now going. I've also attracted new, wonderful freelance clients. Andrea also helped me release some self sabotage from my childhood, of which completely eliminated some unwanted belly fat of which exercises like cross fit, running and pilates to name were unable to reach; and now I enjoy a completely flat tummy being 2.5 kilos lighter. Getting rid of that junk that no longer serves me is so amazing. My relationship with myself completely transformed, where growth in my love life and friendships also occurred. Furthermore, since these two kinesiology sessions, I'm now paying cash (goodbye credit cards) for all business and personal purchases; and I've also received a few unexpected funds land in my bank account from my business and investments. Big thank you to Andrea, she is such a lovely, intuitive healer and kinesiology facilitator. If you're wanting kinesiology to transform yourself, then you must go to Kaizen at Paddington." 


Sydney, N.S.W

I can’t thank Andrea enough for everything she has helped me through. I didn’t realise that my past was holding me back in such a major way. All the past hurts and trauma were affecting my emotions, behaviour and ultimately my relationships. Clearing all of that junk is the most freeing experience.

Last year I very suddenly resigned from my stressful job. In a panic I went to see Andrea. She helped me create a goal and to clear all of the past issues/self sabotage that was stopping me from manifesting the job I wanted. Within 3 weeks I had the exact job I was hoping to get. Funnily enough I didn't even go looking for work - it came to me!

Sheree Gough

Sydney N.S.W

Andrea is exceptionally intuitive, knowledgable and talented at her practice. I have had kinesiology, facial peels and massages with her. She provides a consistently excellent level of service and always provides terrific results! 

Elle Copper

Sydney, N.S.W

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